About me and my many “hats”

I wear many hats and being disabeled is only one of them, luckily.

I have a family: Mr. No-Backpacker and our No-Backpacker son, at 19. Neither of us are backpackers but because we can’t afford both nice hotels AND first/businessclass when flying, we are always flying cattle-class, or monkey-business as I like to call it.

You will never read about hiking-trips, zip-lining or paragliding in this journal, but I can promise you nice pictures, good stories, lots of information and honest hotel-reviews. According to Mr. No-Backpacker I can ruin a stay if there is something wrong with the hotel. I am ruthless when it comes to 5* hotels not delivering!

When I pick a hotel it’s important that it’s not over the top. I don’t need gold and glam and designer-hotels are not my thing. For me a nice hotel is a hotel with the old charm and a service-minded staff that instantly knows all my needs.

Before I got all my food-allergies I loved to make, prepare and eat food. I still love to cook and I found it really hard to forsake onion and garlic from my diet. Luckily I like to experiement with food so I saw it as a challenge to make tasty and incredible good food without onion, garlic, wheat etc… The result is here: www.lavfodmap.no

Among friends I have been the queen of shopping for many years. I don’t like the most ”flashy” designers. I’m more into the classy style without lots of iconic ”stuff” that screams ”I am expencive”. However my favorite designer is Salvatore Ferragamo, maybe because it’s not possible to buy anything from him in Norway? Most people don’t know about the Ferragamo icon here in Norway, and I am perfectly fine with that.

Before I got my illness I was self-employeed in the beauty-business. I love nice SPA-hotels, the calm and the smells, but to be honest I very rarely manage to relax when I take a SPA-treatment. I usually make use of the pool and the other facilities at the SPA, but only now and then I take 30 min. back- and shoulder massage. If I manage to relax it’s heavenly!

Ok, I admit it… I like to wear the ”luxury-hat”… I think the name of my blog reflects that!

Happy traveling!

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