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My questions and nominatitions for the Liebster Award


The blog-post about the Liebster Award came out to be very long, so I decided to divide it into two. Here is the rest, with my nominations and my questions.

I would like to nominate the follwing bloggers:

Anette from The Travellingmunk

Gordon And Paula from Contented Traveller

Marie from Seriously Travel

Stig from Stigs World

Bente from Travel With All Senses

Karen from Bewithced by Italy

And here are the questions:

1. What do you do, besides writing your travel blog?

2. What is your favorite place/country and why?

3. Are there places you would never go back to, why?

4. Are you an adventurous eater, what is the strangest things you have eaten?

At a Chinese wedding, not sure WHAT it was, but it tasted good!

At a Chinese wedding, not sure WHAT it was, but it tasted good!

5. Do you collect anything when you are traveling?

6. What is the most luxurious hotel you have ever stayed at?

7. Tell me about a journey that you remember better than others!

8. If I was going to your city, what would you recommend me to see, do, where to stay etc?

9. Do you miss anything when you are traveling, what?

10. What is your next destination(s)?

Happy writing my fellow travel-bloggers!