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No crocheting or knitting at a KLM flight!

2014-08-27 17.55.05The last month I have started to do some crocheting again. When I was younger I loved to do knit, croche, sew, everything creative. When I got my illness I found I couldn’t do anything with my arms/hands without getting pain. I tried doing some easy crocheting some weeks ago, and it looks like I can handle it, as long as I take it easy.

I also found it was a perfect timekiller when flying. Because my friend did crocheting on the plane from Amsterdam to Cyprus and the flight-attendant even told her how beautyfull her work was, I didn’t think it was illegal. You are also allowed to take the crocheting-needle and knitting-pins (?) through security…  I was wrong…

On my flight from Amsterdam to Helsinki I was told to put away my crocheting (it’s actually kettle-holders) during the whole flight but they didn’t tell me why. I asked over twitter today and got the answer that it’s illegal to use sharp objects on KLM-flights! I will of course follow their rules, but still think it’s strange…. You are allowed to bring it through security, but not allowed to use it in the air?

I have a friend who is a flight-attendant at SAS, and he said they allow both knitting and crocheting at their flights. Different airline – different (strange) rules!