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What do you do if you really *have to* at take-off or landing?

bildeSome of you know that I struggle with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Although I follow a strict low FODMAP-diet to control the digestion-system, I sometimes end up in trouble, like I did in Athens. It’s not harmful, but I can assure you, it hurts and can sometimes be very… surprising…. literally. If you have to, you have to…

In that aspect I have always been aware when flying, especially at take-off and landing, as I know it’s not possible to use the toilet at these times. When returning from Athens I didn’t feel my best and told it to the flight-attendant when I arrived the aircraft. She told me it was good I told her because then she could look a after me. We started to talk and since I had her I asked her:

“What do I do if I really have to go to the toilet at take-off or landing? I know it’s not possible to use the toilet but… eh… ”

“You just run… We will scream to you and ask you to sit down, but then you just scream back that you have to go! We can’t stop you and honestly, it’s better for all of us that you go to the toilet, it will be a mess if not… The best thing is to tell us if you don’t feel well because then we will be aware and will not yell at you!”

I was also told that if somebody is very ill or have gotten food-poisening they will close a toilet for just that person.

So lessons learned: TELL the flight-attendant, first thing, when you enter the aircraft if you are not feeling well. They will do the best to help you and to be honest, psycologically, it feels better if somebody knows how you are feeling. I don’t know why, it’s just how it is, at least for me!