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Our Lady of Lourdes, Catholic church, Nancy

Our lady of lourdesWhen I first saw this church I didn’t see how big and beautiful it was. The church is located only 10-20 meter from the main-road and the tram-line and I made a notice of it every time I drove past it with the tram. Because there are maintenance work on the church, both inside and outside, it looks closed from the outside.

The last day I decided to take the tram to the Art-Noevaue district, which is also close to the tram-line, walk back home and take a further look at the church on the way.

The church was not closed and I wished I had known it before. Although I very rarely go to church at home (very few Norwegians do)  I would have liked to go to the church during the Easter-week, as I think that would have been a good experience.

What I like with the Catholic churches, beside that they are usually beautifully decorated, is that people actually use it. Whenever you come in to a Catholic Church you will usually see some people who prays or having a quite session for themselves.

How to get there:

Address: 149 General Leclerc Ave. Nancy, 54 000 FR

You can either drive or you can take the tram to the stop called Blandan or Exelmans. The church is halfway from both stops.