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Been there, done that!


This is my last day in Athens before going back home tomorrow and… I’m not lying when I’m saying I’m looking forward to getting home. This trip has been challenging with migraine, stomache-problems from H%$#%#” etc… etc…(Although eating “safe” low FODMAP something went wrong with my stomache/digestion this time.)

I have always said that I will continue traveling as long as I can, and I stand by that. However I have, finally, come to the conclusion that I will not travel on my own anymore (unless it’s within Norway/Scandinavia and I really have to). Not because I’m scared traveling alone, but because I have just too many illnesses. Being abraod, having to discuss with yourself wether to call a doctor or not, when bending over in pain, is not fun and I have to admit that it makes me anxious.

Another conclusion is that I have seen the world, I have been to Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Chicago, Las-Vegas, Hawaii, all over Europe… etc… when I had the energy to explore. I don’t have that energy anymore and for me, the best holiday I can get right now is to travel to a warm place (helps my pain), plan to do nothing but relaxing and don’t stress with sight-seeing. I really want to see so much and at home I plan…. Unfortunately it usually ends in me being sad because I didn’t explore and it feels like I’ve let myself down. It doesn’t actually get better when everybody tells me what I should see and do… (People tend to forget that I have more than one chronic illness because I look quite healthy when I see them.)

Well… It feels like a relief to have taken the stand about how to travel in the future. It’s not a defeat as I thought it should be. Maybe because it’s more about reality than that I’m scared of traveling alone. I don’t know, I just know that I’m finished with being stuck at a hotel-room, in pain and alone!