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Traveling has become a popular content in both magazines and newspapers, printed as well as at the internet, so has food-allergies and recipes for people with certain allergies. I write about both traveling and food-allergies!

I can:

  • Write articles, payed or as a guest-blogger.
  • Test your property through a person with disabilities and food-allergies eyes and write about it.
  • Test your property through the eye of a person that has been to affordable luxury-hotels all over the world. (My former job was as the owner of a beauty-salon, an importer of beauty-products and international competitor. I know what to look for when visiting SPA’s!)
  • Do press-tours. Because I am not an ordinary journalist I can’t do the regulare press-trips, as it will be too much for me. I need some extra time on the location and need to do excursions on my own, in my own timeframe. However I will be able to fully understand if your property/tour/site will be a good choice for disabled and/or food-allergies. If you need advices on how to do it better, I will happily help you!
  • Consult your staff about how to handle food-allergies. If you think you, as a chef, a restaurant-owner or hotel-manager can oversee this, you have to think twice. More and more people develop food-allergies, so you should be prepared!
  • Write in English or Norwegian. (I started this blog in Norwegian and has not translated the old articles to English. If you want to see my Norwegian writing, please look at the oldest articles.)

If you are interested to cooperate with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Remember, I will always write my own, honest, humble opinion!



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