Travel insurance

Make sure you have a good insurance that covers both private doctor / hospital and repatriation!  I have had to use travel insurance for delaying the return journey due to food poisoning / gastroenteritis / diarrhea and when I got the Noro virus in Beijing. Especially in Beijing, it was good to have a travel insurance which covered an English speaking doctor although this was very expensive.

I am also a member of the Norwegian Air Ambulance (Norsk Luft Ambulanse).  Mostly because I want to support them, but also because I think it’s a confidence that they can get me home if I really need to go home. I have also heard that they have 24-hour medical advice over the phone and they can help find corresponding Norwegian medications so you know you get the right once. I have never used the services of the Norwegian Air Ambulance, but I have friends who have gotten very good help though them.

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