A week at Crete in the end of October

IMG_0049Skjermbilde 2016-01-16 kl. 14.39.32In the end of October most of the tourists are gone and the island, that is very busy during the summer, is more relaxed and everybody is prepareing to closing down for the season. I was aware of this when we planned a week at Crete in the end of October and was prepared to meet an island that was tired of tourists, empty hotels and so-so weather.

What surprised me was that I was wrong in everything. I have been to Crete many times before, but it’s 10-15 years since my last visits, so comparing is not fair. However it seams like the Cretans were more relaxed and even more friendly. Most people were smiling and were very helpful and of course, very curisous when my photographer and I stopped to take pictures (and me posing…) everywhere.

Some shops, especially those close to the chartered hotels, were closed and most were quite empty, of course. There is no need to have a shop fully stocked when the hotels are closing! In the city-center of Iraklion the market and everything was still going strong with locals and the people, again, was relaxed and very friendly.

What about the weather? Although we were quite unlucky with the weather: overcast, rainy and windy, it was still 20 degrees. When the sun showed up it was actullay very warm!  (The week before we arrived the were 25 degrees and sunny.) I was prepared for cold days and was, again, surprised by how nice the weather was when it was not raining. Actually I fell in love with the island and if I was thinking of buying an appartment in a warmer climate, I would absolutly consider Crete.

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