5 tips for bicycling safe in China


Getting a bike/e-bike when living in Hangzhou/China is one of the best investments you can do. You can get a new bicycle for as little as 300 CNY/350 NOK and an e-bike for around 2000 CNY/2500 NOK. I’m not sure if the smallest e-bike goes faster than a bicycle, but it’s for sure easier. In the morning- and afternoontime, both e-bike and bicycle are much faster than a car! Because of the traffic congestion it’s not always safe to bike. Here are my 5 tips for bicycling safe in China:


  1. Be aware of both cars and people walking in the cycle-path.
  2. Yes, cars and other “cyclers” do “beep” with the horn. They don’t always do it to tell you you are in the wrong place, but to warn you that they are coming behind you. E-bikes are very quite and because of that they may warn others that they are coming.
  3. Remember that a green light in China is not always only green for you!
  4. Don’t be stubborn, but give way to others.
  5. Take it easy and don’t rush. Although you don’t have control over what’s happening around you, you will have a better overview if you are slow yourself.

Happy cycling!



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