THE apartment

After a small week we have started to settle here in Hangzhou. We had seen some pictures of the apartment, but as most of you know, seeing pictures is not the same as real life. However I had the apartment in Chongqing in my memory, so didn’t expect that much. Chinese standard of living is NOT the same as Norwegian…. I knew there were a kitchen, two bedrooms, a big livingroom, bathroom, aircondition, gastop (no oven, only the top), microwave-oven (all Chinese have that) and a refridgerator with fridge.

When we arrived we were NOT expected to have some extra tenants: COCKROACHES! I’m not squemish, but to be honest, I wasn’t very happy. We went straight to walmart and bought all we could carry in washingclothes, liquids, sprays etc… and started to clean. I thought we had gotten rid of the cockroaches, but this morning I saw two newcomers… Maybe because it’s raining outside?

The building we live in is very old and we were told this is why there are cockroaches even at the fifth floor! If I was going to stay here for a long time, I would have found another place to live, but as I am going to comute between Norway and China, it’s ok’ish. As I said, I’m not afraid of small creatures!

IMG_4958.JPGThis is one of the bedrooms, the smallest one. It takes forever to upload pictures, so I don’t have a picture of the biggest bedroom. However it looks quite much the same, with a bigger bed and more space! The bed… The matress is made of wood, I think. At least it feel like that! If you knock on the bed, you can hear it like you knock on a door. Well… For our bed we bought the thickest bedcover we could find, still it’s not enough. It looks like we will have to take a taxi to IKEA when it opens the 25th. of June to buy something softer….    The sofa…. everything in China is rock-hard!




As you can see, the sofa is the same standard as the bed – rock-hard! We were thinkning of byung something for the sofa, but we don’t use it that much and never watch the antique television, so we’ll see…



The kitchen is small, and I don’t have a picture, but I can tell about it… No warm water in the kitchen so we’ll need to go to the bathroom to get warm water. Not very effective, but we have a neighbour, Dima (from Russia), who told us we can buy an electric heater for the kitchen. Where we can buy it? Online, of course…. There is no oven in the kitchen, but yesterday I saw a small one at Walmart (our new friend, they have everything!) for 350 CNY/400 NOK. I will have somebody order it online for me because we will then get it on the door.

The bathroom… It’s not the best I have seen…. BUT I will manage! At least we have a washingmachine – no warmwater, but I know how to fill it with warm water, so that is not a problem.

After we spoke with Dima we understood we should be happy with this apartment. He had been in another one before he got this, and said that this is luxury compared! Compared with the apartment we had in Chongquing this is bigger and in a way brighter, but the one in Chongqing was better, cleaner and more new. Well, I think I will adapt. After all this is an adventure only a few people is lucky to experience, so I don’t complain. One have to do the best out of the situation and I am planning of doing that.

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