My blog became a book!

LavFODMAP front 72dpiI have been neglecting this blog for some weeks now. There are several reasons for that: I haven’t been traveling, but mostly because I have been consentrating around my other projects. Some are still secrets, but one is not secret anymore.

Some of you know that I was very ill when I left China last December. As a result I started the low-FODMAP diet with great results. Although I sometimes have been moaning about my stupid digestion-system, I am much better now. I am pretty sure the reason why I am better is that I follow this diet, recommended by most gastroenterologs in both Norway and abroad.

The low-FODMAP diet can be difficult in the beginning so I started a blog in Norwegian, with my own recipes and a diary to tell about my experiences. The short story is that I got a contract with one of the biggest and oldest publishers in Norway and the blog has now become a cookbook (with new recipes)!

Making food, going to my photographer and writing has been my mainfocus the last monhts, that’s why this blog has been neglected. However the book has now been sent to print and I can relax for some weeks before the release.

Since December is a quite month I have now booked two trips: To Prague with my best friend, leaving on Monday and to London with Mr. No-Backpacker the week between Christmas and New-Year. (Mr. No-Backpacker has been in China for five weeks now and has one more week left, so I am really, really looking forward to get him home AND to go to London with him.)

I have been to Prague and London before (we lived in Liverpool for a year 10 years ago), but not after I started the low-FODMAP diet. However I have heard that at least London (UK) is great for people with allergies. Fingers crossed I will manage Prague too!

4 thoughts on “My blog became a book!

    1. Cecilie Post author

      Tusen takk! Det er kjempespennende, gøy og ikke minst, lærerikt! Praha og London er aldri feil, men nyttårssalget i London er noe helt for seg selv… (og lommeboken… 🙂 )


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