Traveling beauty: Makeup

MakeupNo matter how ill and sick I feel, I will always wear makeup. I don’t wear much makeup, but I usually always wear some. When traveling I keep my makeup in my handluggage, with my skincare and my medsicines, always!

As with skincare I like to keep it natural and simple. That’s why I fell in love with Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics and the Loose Mineral Foundation. The foundation is a powder and, in my opinion, the best of the loose mineral foundations on the marked. It’s very covering, still quite invisible, and it feels and looks very natural. And the best? It only takes some seconds to brush it on!

The other must have from Youngblood is their foundation brush and eyeshadowbrush. Expensive, but very much worth it! I have had mine for close to 10 years, used them every day and they are still as good as they were!

Because I am lazy I have not used any time to find another eyeshadow than Youngbloods. I am happy with the colors and the texture so why find another one?

As eyeliner I like liquid-eyeliners. In Japan I bought one from Lunasol, a cheap underbrand of Kanebo I have heard. I liked it very much, but couldn’t find it in Europe, so started using Shiseido liquid eyeliner. It’s very similar to the one I bought from Lunasol. However, when I went to Korea I found Laneige, a Korean brand, and I still have some of their liquid eyeliner left. (Yes, I bought a lot, so much that I got lots of “freebies” and testers… ) I need to go back to Japan or Korea soon!

My eyebrows are quite sad. I have black hairs, and they are thick, but there aren’t that many of them, so I need to “draw” my eyebrows. With that said, I need them natural, so no big, scary eyebrows for me! I have tried several liners and shadows for my eyebrows. The best I have found so far is one I found in Japan. It’s said it’s a “semi-tattoo”, but it goes off with makeup-remover, but stays on during the day. I think it’s a generic brand and I have never seen them in Europe, or other places I have been. Luckily I stocked up some last time I was in Japan, and next week Mr. No-Backpacker will be in Japan. Guess what he’s going to buy for me?

Lipstick has never been my thing. I love the look, but for a strange reason I can’t seam to remember to put it on and when I do, it feels unnatural. However I do have lots of lipstick, but I never get to use them before they become old… My favorite lipstick is from Missha, also a Korean company. Although I still use the one I bought 1,5 years ago, I bought one more. Maybe it’s time to change the old with the new?

I know lots of people who are in aw with MAC cosmetics. I have bought some eyeshadows and… lipsticks.. but I never got to like them. The eyeshadow was difficult to fade and the lipstick… well… don’t use it much…







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