How to use the discount certificate from KLM

2014-08-22 12.33.17As many of you know, I’m a KLM-girl all the way. At least I have been the last 5-6 years. When flying a lot it’s impossible to never be delayed or even get stuck somewhere in the world. It happens with other airlines and it happens with KLM. The good thing with KLM is that they always try to help, as good as they can. You usually get a discount certificate and/or a discount certificate to use at the tax-free on board. If you need a hotel they will always book it, althought the hotel can be in the middle of nowhere, they will get you there, they will feed you and pick you up to bring you to the airport the next morning.

I can’t remember when I got this certificate, but when I did som serious cleaning in my papers some days ago, I found lots of travel discount certificates from KLM. Most of them had been expired, but not this. I decided to try to use it when booking my flight to Athens, for October.

When calling I remembered why I hadn’t bothered with using the certificates: I had to call, listen to stupid voices asking me to press lots of numbers on my phone, and then, at last, get to speak to a real person.

When I finally got through (I had to call twice because I pressed the wrong number in the last session the first time….) I used 10-15 min. to find the right flight, get an e-mail to confirm the flight, telling my name and address, my card number, the number on the certificate and get the instructions on what to do with the certificate.

I had to send the certificate within 24 hours and with registered mail “and that’s why we will not charge you with any booking fees now,” I was told. The fee for sending the letter to The Netherlands with registered mail was 20 Eur. The calculation tells me I was left with 30 Eur. Well… it’s better than nothing, but I will make a note to have time for all this the next time I’ll use one of the certificates I still have!


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