Traveling beauty: Skincare and makeup

Ole Henriksen skincareMy previous job was working, as self-employeed, in the beauty-business. I started as a nail-technician 16 years ago. Continued with importing beauty-products: Essie nailpolish, Ole Henriksen skincare and Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. The last 4 years of my career I traveled all over the world competing in nails, attending tradeshows and networking. I even worked backstage at London Fashion Week!

My profession was nails, but I read a lot about makeup and skincare and even did some courses. Because of that friends and family often ask me what skincare and makeup-products I prefer and about my routines.

Before I started working in the beauty-industry I didn’t know anything about skincare, makeup and even nailpolish and I didn’t wear anything myself. I liked it natural, and I still do.

When it comes to skincare and makeup I would say (just remember that I am not an expert)  it’s more important to think about what to avoid more than “all the good stuff” the manufactures promise to do with your skin. After all it’s limited how much better your skin can become as long as you don’t do any “operations”. If the products contain mineral-oil and/or talc, I can assure you, your skin will not look the best.

I started using Ole Henriksen skincare and Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. I have tried other products in between, but always return…

I love Ole Henriksens Herbal Day Creme, for both night and day. The best thing is that it contains SPF15. The sunprotector is fysical and one of the best I have ever tried. I never use any other creme in my face as I use this as a sun creme too. Just be aware that if you swim and/or get water in your face, like dripping in your eyes, it will “sting” in your eyes.

For cleanser and tonic I use On The Go Cleanser and Pick Me Up Face Tonic. I like the “clean” and fresh feeling I get after using these two.

The last skinproduct I always use is Total Truth Eye Creme. I know some people swear to use different routines for night and day and I used to do that. However I find it extremely complicated to travel with too much toiletries so I decided to get rid of the “night-routine” to minimize what to pack when traveling.

Ole Henriksen uses cool packaging for his products, but they are not at all travel-friendly. The jars will, sooner or later, crack and so will the bottles. Even the travel-kit jars and bottles. I have bought some small containers from Muji and I always pack my toiletries (and makeup) in my handluggage when traveling.

On long-haul flights I use to “fresh up” before landing: Brush my teeth, wash my face and redo the makeup. I will tell you more about makeup in the next blog-post. Stay tuned!



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