I love you, Toulouse!

IMG_8215This spring/summer has been very French as I have been to Nancy, Paris and Toulouse. I had been to Paris once, Cannes once and Dijon once, but that is all I had seen of France before May. The first time I was in Paris, it was winter and extremely cold and I was on my own for work. Cannes was “posh” and expensive (payed 30 Eur for a sunbed at the beach…) and I fell in love with Dijon. We only had one afternoon, evening and morning in Dijon, as it was on our way back home from our roadtrip to Italy (or was it Spain? Well, more on that in another post), but I really fell in love with the village, the people, the food, the shops… everything.

I was hoping to experience something of the same when we went to Nancy in April, but I never felt any of the extra heartbeats as I did in Dijon. I must admit it was quite disapointing.

Coming back to Paris was ok’ish. I never fell in love the first time, neither on the way back from Nancy and not when we were there for 6 days in May.

IMG_8184As I said in the previous post, the original plan was to stay in Toulouse for 4 weeks. I managed to get 5 days in between my other plans and I am very happy I did. Touolouse is not like Dijon, as it is much bigger but I still love the city after only two days and regret I can’t stay here for the 4 planned weeks.

In Touolouse you have everything in walking-distance. If you can’t walk you can use the city-bikes.

IMG_8248The city-bikes are operated in the same way as in Spain (where I have used it): You pay a small amount with your credit-card. The company put around 150 EUR on hold on your card. It’s free for the first 30 min. After that you pay 1 EUR. per hour. The “bike-stations” can be found all over the city and you can pick up a bike at one place and deliver it at another one. Extremely practical!

If you are going further away you can take the metro (it’s easy with only two lines), a bus or a taxi. For more information see Visit Toulouse website.






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