Goodby Bergen, hello Touolouse!

Mr. No-Backpacker left Bergen 10 days ago. The initial plan was that we should both go to Toulouse for 4 weeks. He’s there for work, I would go for… well…. why not? The plan changed as I suddenly got some projects to do at home and now I am going to Toulouse for 5 days instead… Not quite the same, but at least it’s better than nothing! AND I get to see my lovely husband again!

The airfare was not exactly cheap, but it could have been worse. Booking only two days in advance didn’t give me the best deal! However I saved around 800 NOK with booking from AirFrance instead of KLM. Not to self: Although AirFrance and KLM is cooperating, check both sites before booking!



2 thoughts on “Goodby Bergen, hello Touolouse!

    1. Cecilie Post author

      I love Toulouse and feeling sorry for myself that I have to leave tomorrow… Luckily it seems like we will be back sooner or later. 🙂


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