Low FODMAP (glutenfree, lactosefree, allergy-friendly) food in Paris

IMG_7100Before I arrived to Paris I must admit I was afraid it would be difficult to find any restaurant which could cover my needs of getting food without gluten, lactose, onion and garlic. Not because I was afraid they wouldn’t help me, but because of the language barriers. It seems like my worries were only worries!

The first day, for lunch, I asked for a burger without the bread. I took the chance that the burger was only meat, and it was! I had french fries to the burger and I didn’t react at all.

Another day I had duck-breast, and the same happened, it was all ”naturelle” (becomes more fun if you read it with a French accent! )! I’ve had burger and beef later and I don’t think there were even salt an pepper at the food! (That was quite a disappointment, but in another way, for me it was better than a meal full of onion and garlic!)

IMG_2535In France they have a shop, Monoprix, where they sell groceries, clothes, underwear, kitchen-stuff etc… etc… I went to the one in Montparnasse and I found both Schar glutenfree food AND a French (or Spanish?) brand called Gerble. Some of the products may contain corn flour, but I managed to translate ” almidon de maiz” and I think it means ”corn starch”. Many people who can’t have corn flour, can still eat corn starch. I tested the biscuit with chocolate and to be honest… it didn’t taste great, but it’s better than nothing!

It seems like the French are fond of Japanese food,  there is a Japanese restaurant on every corner. For me, it looks like there are one supplier of sushi here as every restaurant have the same menu. If you look what the people eat, they also all eat the same! However, sushi is a safe, low FODMAP choice, so I still recomend it!

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