Villa Majorelle, Nancy

IMG_6494Three weeks ago I was in Morocco. Unfortunately I didn’t go to Jardin Majorelle, but I saw beautiful pictures from the garden and regrettet I didn’t go by my own. At that time I knew I was going to Nancy, but I didn’t know there were a connection between Jardin Majorelle and Nancy.

Yesterday, while the men went by train to Metz, I decided to do some Nancy-sightseeing on my own. I remembered that our host here had told me to take a walk to “a house with Art Nouveau style”. I found the house, Villa Majorelle, marked it on my iPhone-map, and started to walk.

It was only 2,5 km. but for me, with my small disabilities, it was longer than I am used to walk, so I was kind of  disappointed when I found the house and it was closed! I was not the only tourist who wanted to see the house yesterday, but I was the only one who took pictures through a hole in the closed gate!

I was also the only one who climbed up on a, to be honest, I am not sure what it was, but it was a “plastic-thing” and I was a little bit afraid it wouldn’t hold me (as I didn’t know what it was…). Well, at least I got a better shot of the entrance than the others!


The two last photoes was taken from the other side of the street.


IMG_6492The connection between this house and the garden in Marrakech is that the owner of the garden i Marrakech was the son of Louis Majorelle, who built, owned and lived in this house.

Villa Majorelle was built in 1901-1902 and was the first Art-Nouveau building in Nancy. For more information about the building read here.

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6 thoughts on “Villa Majorelle, Nancy

  1. Atout-France

    Your blog is lovely. We glad you enjoyed your trip in France, and found gluten and lactose-free groceries :). We’re looking forward to read more about your trips in France!
    Best regards,
    The French tourism board – Visit France @UK_Franceguide

    1. Cecilie Post author

      Thank you so much! I’m going to France 3 times this spring/summer (Paris first Week in May and Toulouse 4 weeks in June/July) so stay tuned!

    1. Cecilie Post author

      I didn’t know much about Nancy before I came and coming from Marrakech only some weeks ago, this was an interesting finding!

    1. Cecilie Post author

      Thanks Ann-Mari, so annoying to meet closed doors. I should have checked the opening times before I went! 🙂


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