Hotel review: Appart’hotel La Maison des Cherheurs (no stars here!), Nancy – France


The name of the complex means ”The house with the researchers”, I think. (My French is a little bit “rusty”, but with some help from Google translator, I think I got it right!) It must have gotten that name because the university is across the street from the apartments. I also think the university uses the place for their guests as it is close, cheap and convenient, especially with the kitchenette.

To get from the railwaystation to the hotel:


Take the tram #1 towards Vandoeuvre CHU Brabois from the railwaystation. The journey will take around 12-15 min. and the stop is called Velodrome. You will see the apartments from the tram-stop.


There are taxi’s outside the railwaystation. In France you are not allowed to stop a taxi on the road, you have to go to the taxi-station or call. The minimum fair is aroun 6 Eur.  and the price is fixed depending on distance and time of travelling. I haven’t taken a taxi from the city center yet, but I believe it will cost around 10-15 Eur.?

The Apartments

The apartment is ok’ish, not the worst I have seen, but not at all luxurious either (zero stars). The pictures at the web-site tells the truth, so I don’t find it necessary to post lots of uninspiring pictures here (yes, I think “unispiring” can describe the apartment).

The good thing first:

* I don’t think all the rooms have balconies, but our has. Although it is narrow, there is space enough for a chair.

* To have a refridgerator, pots, pans and some cutlery, microwavenoven, coffe-machine and two plates to cook food was heaven. Everything was clean, but as the clean-freak I am, I had to wash the cutleries, just  to be on the “safe” side!

* For people working at the universtiy, the location couldn’t be better.

* There are two grocery-stores within very short walking-distance. One to the left and one to the right.

* Pharmacies are located with the grocery-store to the left and another one if you cross the street and go straight forward.

* Self-service laundry is close to the last pharmacy.

* The tram-stop is very close.

* If you are fond of take-away fast-food, you will be in heaven here. Remember, this is where the students eat! Mc. Donalds, Subway and lots of local kebab/fast-food “restaurants” are just around the corner.

The not so good things:

* Our apartment is for three people, but there is no place for storing/hanging clothes. Only one small cabinet! I haven’t taken the effort to unpack, as I don’t think there will be enough space for the clothes I have brought for 10 days. (Ok, I do tend to overpack, but after all, there is limited space in a suitcase, so I don’t have that much with me!)

* Since this is not a normal hotel, but apartments, you will not get cleaning every day. For short stays, you will not get any at all, but for longer stays you will get cleaning and new towels once a week. If you are like me, who wants new towels every, or every other day, bring some more towels! (Luckily I brought some, although Mr. No-Backpacker told me I could always buy some new towels. Let’s see if he agrees with me when I can use my clean towels!)

* The area is very “studentish” and not at all very charming.

If I will stay here again? Well… If going back to Nancy, I will go with Mr. No-Backpacker and he will work. So yes, I take it we will be put in these apartments next time too. If I was a normal tourist, I would definitely have stayed in the city-center!






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